Aguamenti Charm
Aguamenti Charm




Hand Movement

Flick wand[2]




Conjures water[2]

"Lost in visions of this happy prospect, he flicked his wand a little too enthusiastically, so that instead of producing the fountain of pure water that was the object of that day's Charms lesson, he let out a hoselike jet that ricocheted off the ceiling and knocked Professor Flitwick flat on his face."
Seamus Finnigan's mess-up of this charm[src]

The Aguamenti Charm[3] (Aguamenti[1]) is a charm that can be used to produce water from the tip of one's wand; the force with which the caster flicks his or her wand changes the amount of water and the force with which the water goes from their wand[2].

Professor Filius Flitwick taught his sixth-year students this spell in his Charms class in the spring of 1996, where it is noted that Seamus Finnigan, lost in the joyful prospect of annoying his family with constant Apparition, knocked Professor Flitwick to the ground with a hose-like jet of water[2].

After Thorfinn Rowle set Rubeus Hagrid's hut aflame, Hagrid and Harry Potter used this Aguamenti Charm to douse the flame, though it was noted that Harry's arm felt like lead[1].


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